The library is the heart of the school for the intellectual growth of the student.
1. The Library is provided with text books, general knowledge books, periodicals, magazines, news papers and CDs. This collection is expanded and updated every year.
2. Library books are issued to the students. If they fail to return on prescribed date, they are fined Rs. 1/- per day. If the Library book issued is lost, it should be replaced.
3. Library books are to be used with care and returned on due date without damage.


The school has a large computer lab with 60 latest computers, multimedia and language lab facilities. Computer science is a compulsory subject to learn from class III to IX. The students have ample opportunities to learn under the guidance of experienced computer professionals. The school has prescribed class wise syllabus.

The teachers prepare their lessons making use of multimedia and use CDs and LCD for class room teaching.

C. Science Laboratory:

A well equipped lab caters to the scientific quest of the children. The laboratory has got a large number of charts and models along with scientific equipment and chemicals. Practicals are conducted and demonstrations are performed while teaching. Children right from Primary classes are taken to the laboratory to attend demonstrations.

The laboratory has also got LCD projector, modern audio- video equipments to capture the attention of the children

D) Co-Curricular Activities:

Education is for all-round development of a child. The school conducts various co-curricular activities according to the year plan to enable the students to learn value of co-operation and make them disciplined and organized.
1. Every student is encouraged to participate in co- curricular activities. The whole school is grouped into four houses. Opportunities are provided to the students to participate in inter house and intra and inter school competitions in Games, Sports, Painting, Elocution, Essay writing, Dance, Dramatics, Quiz etc.
2. The school provides facilities for outdoor games such as Cricket, Foot ball and indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Caroms etc.
3. Every year the management hosts the inter district competitions in cultural, literary and sports events under the banner of CSA literary and cultural festival / CSA Sports meet in the month of November/ December.
4. Once the students are selected and given practice for any school team, it is compulsory that they participate in any competition selected for.


Moral Science, Value Education and Faith Formation:

Educating the students with moral values and character formation is the primary objective of the school. Moral science classes are incorporated in the school time table and value education classes are held every week. The Religion/Catechism classes are held for Christian students every week regularly. It is compulsory for all the Catholic students to attend CSA Common Catechism examination held in the month of January.

Educational Tour / Picnic

School arranges class wise Picnics and Excursions during the calendar year.