1. Registration for Kindergarten (LKG) will be done in the first week of February and interview will be held in the month of March every year.
2. After the completion of Kindergarten, the students will be admitted into Class I before the closing of academic year.
3. Caste certificate obtained from Mandal Revenue Office, should be submitted along with the duly filled in admission form while admitting the child in Class I.
4. Fees once paid will neither be refunded nor transferred.
5. The particulars of a student entered in the Admission Register will not be altered at later stage for what so ever be the reason.

The entrance test:

1. Entrance test for new admissions will be conducted in the first week of June before the commencement of the academic year as per the vacant seats in the classes.
2. Admissions will be made strictly on merit basis, obtained by the candidate in the entrance test.
3. Pupils selected for various classes must be accompanied by their parents or guardians who will be responsible to the school authorities for their regularity and discipline.
4. Selected students must produce the admission forms supplied by the school along with Transfer Certificate from the previous school attended, a character/conduct certificate, Birth Certificate, in support of their date of birth and the caste certificate.


1. The written application for the Transfer Certificate must be forwarded to the Headmistress.
2. No Transfer Certificate will be issued till all the dues are paid.
3. The student shall be dismissed from school for misconduct and misbehavior.


The student must attend the school daily. No leave of absence will be granted except for serious reasons. The absentees will not be admitted to the class unless an application for leave is entered in the diary and parent should show it to the respective class teacher after principal's signature. No half a day leave is granted.
If a student is absent for 15 days without any permission, his or her name will be stuck off from the rolls without any warning.


The academic performance of the students is assessed regularly by conducting tests and assignments.
1. Unit or Assignment Tests and Terminal examinations are compulsory for all. A re-test or examination will not be conducted for the absentees except when a student is required to represent the school in outside competitions.
2. There will be four assignment and four unit tests in a year. Terminal examinations are held before the end of every term.
3. Progress reports are issued at the end of each unit test and terminal examination. Parents are requested to go through the progress in each subject. Every student must have a minimum of 35% marks in all subjects and 90% attendance.


1. The school requires the Parents to work jointly with the teachers. They must keep in constant touch with the school authorities.
2. Parents are requested to go through this calendar and keep a constant check on the student's attendance, punctuality, leave record, assignments and teacher's or principal's remarks.
3. The parents are requested to meet the authorities whenever they are called for.
4. The parents are requested to bring the remarks or suggestions to the notice of the principal but not to the teacher directly.
5. For any emergency purpose, such as serious injury, non attendance and misbehavior etc., if the parents are contacted, they should meet the principal directly before meeting the concerned teacher.


Imparting knowledge and instilling discipline for good behavior are the twin goals of our institution. Hence the school expects every student to obey its rules and regulations.


All students should be punctual. They are expected to be in their class immediately after the first bell at 08.50 A.M. The school gate will be closed at 08.55 A.M.
1. Students who come late will not be admitted to class without permission from the Principal. Habitual late comers will be sent home.
2. The full and clean school uniform must be worn all days.
3. Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building are never allowed.
4. Any damage to the school property will be compensated by the student.
5. Irregular attendance, unsatisfactory performance in studies, disobedience to teachers, stealing, writing, scribbling on the walls, malpractice in examinations, misbehavior will necessitate dismissal of a student from school.
6. Cell phones are not to be used in campus. If they are found, they will be confiscated.
7. If the student has to be taken home during working hours, only parents are allowed to collect the child. Unauthorized persons are neither entertained in campus nor allowed to collect children from school.
8. The parents are requested not to enter the class rooms or talk to teachers when they are engaged with the classes. In case of any urgency they are asked to meet the principal either before the assembly or after the class hours.